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—¥380   名錄書籍 16開 Directory.JX 2006-2008版


本書介紹了2005-2006年統計的東莞市生産企業資料21000餘家, 書中正文内容介紹了各行業的企業名稱、地址、電話、傳真、負責人、生産經營範圍、投資額、網址、郵編、企業性質等。這些企業在書中按電子、通訊、電腦、網絡産品,五金、機械及相關器材,像、塑膠、皮革、非金屬制品,鞋、鞋材、紡織、成衣及配件,玩具、禮品、珠寶、鍾表、工藝品,印刷品、包裝用品及相關材料,文具、辦公、運動、旅遊用品,家具、燈飾、家用電器及建材,醫療器械及藥品,化工、電鍍、試驗機械,食品及加工産品等行業産品排列查詢。

The book is on information of 21000 more Dongguan enterprises statistically ending 2005 to 2006, including enterprise name, address, telephone, fax, person in charge, business range, investment amount, website, postcode and business status etc. These enterprises are sequentially arranged in accordance with the following fields: electronic, communication, computer, network, metal, mechanic, rubber, plastic, leather, non/metal, shoe, shoe material, textile, cloth, toy, giftware, jewel, clock and watch, article/ware, printing, packing goods, stationery, official goods, sport, travel goods, furniture, lamp decorative, family electric, constructing material, clinical equipment, chemical, electro/plating, tester, food, and other fields. Researches may be made by contents.


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