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—¥300   名录书籍 Directory.JX 2006版

EXCEL  ¥480   2020中国电子器件及电子元件制造企业名录

本书介绍了最新统计的中国电子元器件企业资料近7000家, 书中正文内容介绍了企业名称、地址、电话、传真、负责人、生产经营范围、网址等。



The book is on information of 7000 more China enterprises concerning the electronic component industry statistically Nov 2003 to 2004, including enterprise name, address, telephone, fax, person in charge, business range, website, postcode and business status etc. Volume 1 includes semiconductor, IC, test & device agency, representative office, semiconductor distributor, picture tube, LED, LCD, laser device, plasma, fluo/display, passive device, research organ etc. Inquiry may be made by enterprise names (Chinese character order).

Volume 2 includes photo/electronic wire, cable, line, chip component, resistor, potentiometer, capacitor, ceramic material and device, magnetic material and device,line coil,inductor,quartz crystal and device, connector, terminal, switch, relay, electro/sonic device, sensing device, sensor, pcb, protecting device, temp controller, battery, power/supply, power module, chassis panel, antenna, metal, rubber and plastic works, electronic material, instrument, special equipment, tool, anti-static product,etc. Inquiry may be made by enterprise names (Chinese character order).cal


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